Monday, June 2, 2008

Beck Cancelled due to Schedule Conflict??

What happened? Did Tom spring a "must-attend" Dianetics seminar on the group? Oh well, you don't want to piss off Xenu.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Two Girls at the Wiltern! with Beirut as Background

Dear Drunk Blonde #1 and your friend Drunk Blonde #2,
I wanted to apologize on behalf of everyone at the Wiltern Friday night who thought they were there to see Beirut. We didn't realize it was just another bar with a live band and a $30 cover charge. I'm sorry if Zach Condon and the rest of his magnificent Balkan-esque orchestra was preventing you from hearing your own voice. Thankfully you're able to shout loud enough so your friend can hear you! Also, Thank you for helping make our roads safer by completing all of your texting during Beirut before you got in your car and tried to do it while driving home.

Did you happen to meet the guys to my right? They had very loud voices too. It's a good thing because they had a lot to say as well. I think the four of you would have a grand ol' time discussing how many beers you were able to drink and how tubas kind of sound like farts.

Watching the development of this one time bedroom composer was very inspiring. For such a young musician, Condon scraps the rote pop music formula and substitutes the rote guitar and bass, for trumpets, ukuleles, mandolins, and French Horns. His art seems to belong in a waltz ballroom just as much as it does in the Wiltern.

What I could hear from Beirut over my neighbors was wonderful. The pit section was aglow with the displays of digital cameras and cell phones when Beirut took the stage at 11:00. They/He opened with Nantes and followed it not long after with the other single from The Flying Cup Club, A Sunday Smile. The rest of the evening was sprinkled with tunes from both of his albums with Maestro Condon at times merely conducting his talented orchestra. The first of two encores demanded by the raucous crowd began with Postcards From Italy.

I'm glad the two blonds appeared to finish their conversation and I'm glad they were able to share the concert with whomever was on the other end of their Blackberry. Because after all, what other purpose does going to a show have other than being able make your friends who aren't there envious?

Postcards From Italy