Sunday, September 7, 2008

Nice surprise at Molly Malones

I had gone to watch a co-workers band play and sat down to watch the band before them. They were a nice rock/jazz/singer-songwriter quartet called The Jane Carrey Band. Well, it turns out that it was Jane Carrey's birthday and her dad Jim was sitting at the table next to us!

What was great was that no one bothered him about autographs or pictures. It's very nice to see that in this city people can still go out to enjoy family events despite their recognition (see Flea's attempt to get a beer in my last post).

Jane Carrey Band

John Frusciante & Flea Rock The Troubadour

My improv-jam-god wish list just got shorter Thursday evening when Jon Frusciante and Flea spontaneously announced a secret show at the Troubadour.

The first act of the night, Weave, seemed to be riding on the "So bad we're good" coattails of No Age. I'm not buying it. They belonged in a high-school quad.

The middle-child though, was of another school entirely. Warpaint is one of the freshest acts I've seen in a while. Fronted by three beautiful girls (not that that matters, right?), their music was complex, ethereal, and grooving all in one. I was captivated and can't wait to see them again.


Flea and Frusc were in the house from early in the evening. Between Weave and Warpaint, Flea attempted to get himself a beer walking through the floor and was immediately mobbed by fans looking to update their myspace (facebook) defaults with cell-phone pictures of them and their favorite Chili. Needless to say, Flea went thirsty for a little while.

When the jammers finally took the stage (as if the Troubadour wasn't always on schedule-another reason why I love them), the venue was sold out to it's 300 person capacity. Frusciante was donning a full Jesus beard and grandpa pants hiked up to his belly button. But more importantly, he had his beautiful vintage Strat. He and Flea gave each other a count-off and the jam was on.

The first song lasted nearly 7 minutes and set the tone with a complex rhythm that was trademarkedly groovy at the same time. The amazing Stella Mozgawa of Mink provided the drums alongside Josh Klinghoffer who was primed to give us some spaced out sounds. Sadly, Stella's thumping ruptured her bass drum about 25 minutes into the set. Her tech swapped out her drum with Josh's but that left a noticeable void coming from his kit. Then, sadly, his effects seemed to not work for the rest of the evening either.

Once these technical difficulties presented themselves, John seemed to become a bit distracted but still managed to fill all our heads with his sweet sounds. The entire set was around 50 minutes and like all great bands, no encore was provided-though that could be more to do with half of the musicians performing with broken instruments.

Tickets were readily available at the door thanks to the Troub only allowing fax or cash orders. THAT is how secret shows should be done.

John and Frusciante - Intro Jam

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The truth about the Republicans lies this week

from Truth Fights Back:

This is what’s wrong with our politics. At the Republican convention, speaker after speaker just flat-out lied, and our news media isn’t calling them on any of it. YOU CAN’T GET THE STORY FROM THE PUNDITS.

They smeared Barack Obama repeatedly and told lies big and small.

Here’s just a few of them:

- Sarah Palin and John McCain claim that Barack Obama wants to raise our taxes, but the vast majority of families are way better off under Barack Obama’s plan. JOHN MCCAIN ACTUALLY WANTS TO TAX OUR HEALTH BENEFITS!!! Barack Obama’s plan only raises taxes on people with individual incomes over a quarter-million dollars.

- Sarah Palin and John McCain lie and claim that their plan is better for people like us. They don’t cut taxes for us hardly at all, and wipe out that cut with their plan to tax our health benefits!!!! Barack Obama actually cuts middle class taxes to try to restore fairness that was lost under Bush.

- Sarah Palin lied when she said Barack Obama had authored “no major law, not even in the state senate.” This is just a bald-faced lie. In fact, just in the US Senate, Barack Obama passed the most sweeping reform package since Watergate, and reached across party lines to pass, with Senator Lugar, legislation to help keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of terrorists and, with Senator Coburn, legislation to create a revolutionary database that makes government more transparent and accountable.

- Sarah Palin and John McCain continue to lie about Barack Obama’s energy plans. They keep pushing more drilling as the main answer to our problems, when it won’t do anything to lower the price of gas. And then they claim Barack Obama, in the words of Palin, “is against producing [more energy]. Barack Obama is for producing more clean energy and ending our addiction to oil. He has the most comprehensive energy plan of any Presidential candidate in history.

- The Republicans keep attacking Barack Obama’s plans for Iraq, even though the Iraqi government AND THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION just signed an agreement that follows the plan Barack Obama has been advocating for months.

- It’s the same thing on negotiations and diplomacy. Sarah Palin attacked Barack Obama for holding the position that the Bush Administration has belatedly been forced to adopt: holding direct talks with Iran. We’re too strong a country to be afraid of talking to Iraq.

Let’s pass this along and let everyone know what’s really happening.