Friday, August 31, 2012

FYF. All about Yeasayer

Well, my calculations turned out to be correct. I figured with FYF on a hot Labor Day weekend, people would be ditching their tickets on Craigslist as the date neared to anyone willing to buy. I scored a pass fro a girl looking to get out of town for $60. Sorry FYF promoters. I would have totally paid full price if I didn't have that gut feeling that I could score a deal

Ok, if you read my earlier post regarding Yeasayer's single, Henrietta, in which I predicted Fragrant World would be my favorite album of the year, I may have been spot on. It. Is. Amazing. I CANNOT wait to see them Sunday. The opening and closing tracks are just beautiful. Pick up the colored vinyl now while you still can. I saw some at Origami on Wednesday.Speaking of...that's pretty awesome they're moving their whole shop to FYF for the festival.

Here's my agenda so far. If there's a gap, I'm wandering.

Saturday: Chairlift-->Warpaint-->Tanlines-->Purity Ring-->M83-->Refused

Sunday: David Cross-->Tiger & Woods-->Lightning Bolt-->Yeasayer-->Beirut-->The Faint

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Drive Tour Broke Down At the Echoplex 8/5/2012 - A Review

With a line stretching to the "lake" one would think the Drive Tour (featuring Electric Youth, Anoraak, and College) would be something special. It was not. It was mediocre electronic knob turning played to a backdrop of something I maaaaay actually be keen to use a a screen saver. France's Anoraak were good - but still, try sounded like a C-grade version of Phoenix. The saddest thing is there was a great show upstairs featuring Captured Tracks artist DIIV. I'm actually writing this while having some barley wine at El Prado across the street while I wait for that sold out show to end so I can buy some merch.

Regarding Drive...Next time I'll take the train...