Friday, August 31, 2012

FYF. All about Yeasayer

Well, my calculations turned out to be correct. I figured with FYF on a hot Labor Day weekend, people would be ditching their tickets on Craigslist as the date neared to anyone willing to buy. I scored a pass fro a girl looking to get out of town for $60. Sorry FYF promoters. I would have totally paid full price if I didn't have that gut feeling that I could score a deal

Ok, if you read my earlier post regarding Yeasayer's single, Henrietta, in which I predicted Fragrant World would be my favorite album of the year, I may have been spot on. It. Is. Amazing. I CANNOT wait to see them Sunday. The opening and closing tracks are just beautiful. Pick up the colored vinyl now while you still can. I saw some at Origami on Wednesday.Speaking of...that's pretty awesome they're moving their whole shop to FYF for the festival.

Here's my agenda so far. If there's a gap, I'm wandering.

Saturday: Chairlift-->Warpaint-->Tanlines-->Purity Ring-->M83-->Refused

Sunday: David Cross-->Tiger & Woods-->Lightning Bolt-->Yeasayer-->Beirut-->The Faint

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