Sunday, March 2, 2008

Holy Fuck - Live @ Spaceland, Los Angeles 3/1/2008

To begin. I just want to say Holy Fuck as many times as I can. Ok. Let me begin.

If you've ever wondered where the final resting place for your childhood Casio Keyboard was, look no further than the rehearsal room of Toronto's masters of Electra-mental sounds, Holy Fuck.

The overflowing crowd stuck around past hammer, stirrup, and anvil (that's of the ear) killers A Place To Bury Strangers to get a taste of what too much time locked in a room with nothing but plethora of keyboards, effects, and a bit rhythmic sense can create.

Through the use of loop pedals, control processors, lap steels, some sort of
antique tape device(?!?), and a butter knife (?!?!?!) Holy Fuck magnificently recreated their multi-timbrel sound of their self-titled debut. When Holy Fuck began their uber funk of Royal Gregory, Spaceland's atmosphere got my body to regress to a lump of pulsating flesh and bone.

Holy Fuck - Royal Gregory

Throughout their set, I couldn't shake the thought that they were a less-mathematical yet more-groovy Battles with keyboards for guitars.

With hardly a word between songs the music never ceased and when words did come through, they came via the vocoder attached to ae 1980's sampling device. It sort of give the impression that HAL was somehow conducting the show. The calming, lush, Chariots Of Fire inspried Lovely Allen closed out their mesmerizing set.

Holy Fuck - Lovely Allen

A Place To Bury Strangers were Loud, as in LOUD. They utterly destroyed all unprotected eardrums before Holy Fuck had a chance to pleasure them. Calling for all house lights off during their set, the only way to see the band was through their strobe lighting. They felt a little on the sloppy side of things but maybe that was just because they didn't have their usual audio/video technician in the house this night to keep the seams stitched together.

A Place To Bury Strangers

At one point, I looked beind me and noticed maybe 20-25% of the crowd really getting down. In LA, if more than 10% of the audience shows signs of life it's a good show so by those standards, this was one not to be missed. Holy Fuck

A Place to Bury Strangers Set List:
Gimme Acid
To Fix The Gash In Your Head
I Know I'll See You
My Weakness
Death Valley
I've Lived My Life

Holy Fuck's Keyboard Cemetery

A Place To Bury Strangers

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