Sunday, April 13, 2008

How to embarrass humanity in front of Helen Hunt

Helen Hunt gave a sneak preview of her directorial debut of Then She Found Me last night at the Aero Theater. Afterwards, she came down to the stage for a surprisingly insightful and lengthy interview discussing the difficulties getting the film financed, the shortfalls she dealt with, and her reasons for choosing to both star and direct.

Then, leave it to the Q&A to reaffirm the need for celebrities to be rushed away immediately once the interview is over.

Awkward Question 1:
"I, like you, have been trying to direct and star in my own film for 6 months now. Do you have any advice on how I can get my movie picked up by a studio?"
(very nicely) "Well, you just have to keep trying." Question asker, she's Helen Hunt. If it was that hard for her to get a movie picked up, you're lucky she didn't tell you to get your own hit TV series, star in an Oscar winning role, and know just about everyone in the business.

Awkward Question 2:
"Watching the movie, I was thinking how much the character was reminiscent of my own life. You see, I could not have children either and ultimately adopted two Guatemalan's myself after my husband left...blah blah blah. Why did you choose to go with the adoption story line?".
"Oh, that's great. I see them sitting next to you. One is smiling, the other is playing his Nintendo DS." To the lady with crazy life, you related to fictional characters based on a novel that Helen did not write. She does not need to hear your sob story-nor does anyone else in the theater.

and award for Awkward Question goes to:
"Is it possible for you to be more sensitive to the worship of our Lord savior Jesus Christ? I pray to Jesus and found it very disrespectful to have his name taken in vain many times during the movie. I love your work by the way."
great Answer
"Well, the movie's made. That's in there. And that's me." Wow. way to separate the celebrities from the public front-row-religious-psycho-question asker. I would have felt a more appropriate response from Helen to have been an exit, stage left.

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