Saturday, May 12, 2012

Guantlet Hair - Live @ The Satellite Review 5/11/2012

What happened to being musically curious? I feel like that trait diminishes exponentially as people get older. Well, by people, I mean people I know. You see, I had four tickets for Gauntlet Hair at The Satellite last night (2 purchased, 2 deeded to me by the venue) and I could not convince a single friend to come out with me. Ok, was Friday. People had things going on already. But let me tell you, Gauntlet Hair was probably better than all of them.

I first heard about GH way back towards the end of April when Liza (the Paraliza) Richardson played them on KCRW She said something akin to "That was Gauntlet Hair. They're playing The Satellite in a few weeks". That was good enough for me. As soon as I parked, I whipped out my iPhone and bought tickets.

Fast-forward to last night. Despite 2/3 of the band playinig barefoot, these guys from Colorado put on a foot-stomping show that was sort of equal to (Explosions In The Sky - the boring parts) + WU LYF. Opening up with Mop It Up - the 3rd track on their self-titled debut on Dead Oceans, they played a nearly 45 minute non-stop set drenched in reverb, delay, and 808 beats coming from the drum set. To me, that sounds like a perfect way to spend a Friday.

As one friend of mine texted back upon being invited: "Hahahaha - that's the weirdest name ever. I commend them". And beyond their moniker, they are definitely worth the commendation.

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