Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I'm back! Minus my hearing thanks to Youth Lagoon @ The Echo

Where have I been the last 3 and a half years??? I'm pretty sure I went to a show or 100. Twitter was invented too. More on that later. For now, I feel like writing about Youth Lagoon. Writing is all I can do to describe the show since the words coming out of my mouth in a verbal account would be unintelligible thanks to my new found deafness. It was LOUD. The subwoofer was like a weaponized subwoofer. My insides sloshed, my teeth rattled, my boogers dislodged, my ear drums melted.

Youth Lagoon played a late night set (only late because there was no opener) taking the stage around 10:50. I don't know his songs well enough to recall the titles but I was in a euphoric dance mood watching the young Trevor Powers layer his synth on top of some seriously awesome 80's drum beats. His friend Logan (no relation to Lagoon) provided the "real-life" instrument notes on a strat which complimented and balanced out the bedroom synthesizer feel of Trevor's part. Don't get me wrong, the music was great and I was dancing along to it whenever I wasn't protecting my ears from imminent rupture.

Coming straight from his opening set for Death Cab at Disney Hall, they played a short but sweet set to the very sold out crowd at The Echo. They played one encore and were finished by 11:30. If you know anyone who went to the show, give them a break should they constantly ask you to repeat yourself. I know I'll be doing that for a few days.

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